Credit Basics

Credit Basics

Get informed about your credit score and become a credit master!

Dealing with a not so great credit score can be scary, nerve racking and down right stressful. Fixing your credit score can seem like an impossible task but that’s where we come in!

We understand the whole process can be intimidating but we’ve broken it down to simple steps built into an easy to understand plan.

The first step is checking your credit

We don’t charge for checking your credit, in fact we applaud you for it. It takes guts to start a credit repair journey but you’ve chosen the right partner.

Removing Negative Items

We can help identify and remove negative items that are incorrect, unfair or unverified. If you’re unsure exactly what is hurting your credit score, a FREE credit evaluation is the perfect first step.

Rebuilding your credit

Damage to your credit can happen quickly, sadly, rebuilding is not as swift. Your personal credit consultant will create a personalized credit repair plan to get you where you need to be as soon as possible. Earning a good credit score can happen, it is possible, it just takes planning, patience and discipline. You can do it!

There won’t be a better time to start fixing your credit!

We’re here to help you through every step of the process. From your in-depth credit analysis to your personalized credit building strategy, we’ve got your back!