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Is my credit bad? How do I fix it?

If you’re trying to buy a home, car or want to get approved for a personal loan you’re going to want to have a score of 650 or higher

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How a Bad Credit Score Hurts You

Loan Approvals

A low credit score can prevent you from being approved for mortgage loans

Interest Rates

A low credit score usually means higher interest rates

Credit Cards

A low credit score will not qualify you for the top credit cards

Find out EXACTLY what is damaging your credit score

How is my credit score calculated?

  • 10% Credit Variation – Do you have different types of credit? Mortgage, auto or business?
  • 10% Hard Inquires – It’s best to only run hard inquires when you absolutely need to.
  • 15% Credit length – Having a long credit history is good. Keep that old card around.
  • 30% Credit utilization – How much of your credit are you using? Try to stay below 35%
  • 35% Payment History – Paying your bills on-time carries the most weight.

How We Do Credit Repair

We Challenge

If there are any questionable items on your credit report we will go to battle for you!

We Dispute

Any negative items must have proof. If they can’t prove it, they must remove it!

We Plan

Your credit consultant will create a plan specific for your credit situation and goals!

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